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Www fblive cam com

1080p, 60fps & superior audio quality: It'll be like your viewers have a front row seat!

Live Reactions Poll and Animation widgets turn your Facebook live stream into a reaction party!

Live Interview Demo Control Studio from any Chrome browser on the internet, with Studio 'Web Control,' even on Android and Chromebook.

Delegate graphics and stream management tasks to other team members in remote locations while you focus on cutting the show.

*smartphone cam with an external hi-resolution camera adjusted for close view * special App in the smartphone which gives ability for one button operation photo take and automatically send to an e-mail * camera wallet - for carry around the body HOW TO OPERATE WITH SPYSTUDENT DOUBLE SMART CAM?

We do not stream to Facebook Live 24/7 as we do with You Tube, but generally will take to FB Live when something noteworthy is happening or expected to happen on the nest.

Real-time weather data of the conditions within 20 feet from the nest are collected using a Ambient Weather WS-2090-IP IP Wireless Weather Station.

We have several cameras strategically placed, the primary two being robotic BCC950 Conference Cams.

You may also see several nest Outdoor Cams within certain views, which can be used to provide supplemental views to the live stream, though they are generally used to record the activity for use in other ways.

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This software allows Jeff to switch cameras, add graphics and helpful information to the stream, and more.