Who is stevie wonder dating karnataka dating sites

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Who is stevie wonder dating

just to name a few yes some of these started in the 70,s but maintained being at the forefront of the music scene through the 80,s and were cutting edge pioneers OP-you are smoking some good crack! I'd put him on a much higher pedestal than any other black artist past or present.

Talking Book and Innervisions in particular will always rank high in my affections.The list of artists whose recent work doesn't hold a candle to their early stuff is a long one.In Stevies' case I can forgive him 'cause his best stuff was so good.A Time 2 Love was definitely worth the 10 year wait!I don't think nothing happened to Stevie Wonder; He is evolving as a artist.

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You cant be what everybody wants you to be all the time. He did so many other things in the 80's for other artists(remember USA for africa?