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Who is lisa marie presley dating

Lisa and Danny also had a son named Benjamin Keough who was born on 21 October 1992.

The couple divorced on and it was taken in the Dominican Republic. She had once spoken of this relationship: There were rumors of their possibility of remarriage but Lisa denied them.

Michael was under pressure from his mother to help Lisa because mother was aware that Debbie was a surrogate, so mother assumed Michael was single. Michael didn't want to tell mother that he saw Diana Ross whenever she was available. She'd have telephoned Diana, and told her off. Lisa wanted to be seen in the media with Michael for her own reasons, and got what she wanted.

Michael just wanted to get his mother off his back. From 1999, she was seeing John Oszajca, whom she got engaged to.

That same lawyer telephoned Lisa to ask her to tone down her comments about Michael during publicity interviews for her second unsuccessful album.

He asked her at the time if the relationship had been consummated. This is why she was not called as a witness for the Defence because, otherwise, the Prosecution would have been able to exploit her testimony of non-consummation in their assertion that Michael was not sexually interested in adult females. As soon as Lisa agreed on the telephone in November 1993 to do Michael the favour of marriage for publicity, Michael advised her to return to the living arrangements with her unemployed husband, whom she’d told Michael she'd left. Michael didn't know or take any interest in whether or whom in addition to her ex-husband Lisa was seeing during this period.

The divorce proceedings are ongoing and have been prolonged due to the fact that there are some disagreements over the finances.

The postnuptial agreement had stated that Lisa will not pay Michael any spousal support in case they divorce.

Lisa, 50 and Michael, 57 got married in 2006 and signed a postnuptial agreement the next year in 2007. But after a decade of togetherness as a married couple, they filed for divorce in 2016.

American singer-songwriter Lisa Marie Presley is locked in a divorce battle with her now ex-husband Michael Lockwood.

There is also this custody battle which has come up along with and Lisa is now asking for the primary physical custody of her twin daughters Harper and Finley.

Michael wasn't gay, transsexual, asexual or a paedophile. He wasn't attracted to Lisa sexually or otherwise. Indeed, her now ex-husband and his brother accompanied Lisa and her children to the Caribbean island where the marriage ceremony was to take place. Lisa claimed in a self-aggrandising interview with Oprah Winfrey after Michael died that she'd “spent four more years after the divorce following him around the world, getting back together, trying to get back together and talking about getting back together”.

Michael didn't allow Lisa to move in with him after the ceremony but encouraged her to remain living with her ex-husband. She never once stated this while he was alive because it wasn't true.

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But, she was expelled from the school, when she was in her junior year.