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On , Stone Sour released an official statement saying that Root was no longer a member of the band.

In interviews, Root accused the band of being financially motivated and pursuing a more commercial musical direction, but also observed that he "wasn't really happy in that band anymore".

Her most recent duet was recorded with Alter Bridge, called, Watch Over You, one of the band`s singles.[10] In 2004, she recorded "I`m That", a duet with Italian songwriter Franco Battiato,[8] and in 2005, she performed onstage with him in a concert in Milan which was shown on the DVD Un soffio al cuore di natura elettrica.

In 2006, Scabbia`s vocals appeared on the single "Can You Hear Me", as a part of Rezophonic`s collaboration album project to benefit the African Medical and Research Foundation.[8] She again collaborated with Rezophonic in 2006 when she appeared in the music videos for "L`uomo Di Plastica" and "Spasimo" with her Lacuna Coil bandmates.

In 2007, Scabbia recorded a new version of Megadeth`s "À Tout le Monde (Set Me Free)" for their album United Abominations. (Anything But Love)" which was featured on their album Worlds Collide.

Adding new band members, Lacuna Coil began to tour, releasing their album in 1997.[9] [edit] Collaborations Cristina Scabbia on the cover of Revolver magazine.

Unfortunately, their relationship too didn't last for long and the pair separated after some months of dating. No dating records are found after his relationship with Christel Karhu.

Besides, Ville also had other girlfriends including Kari Rueslatten, Sanna-June Hyde and The Muse who never came in public appearance.

The pair started their affair in 1998 and they enjoyed a romantic relationship for five full years.

Unfortunately, their relationship didn't last for long and the pair split up in 2003 without citing the reason behind their separation.

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She was employed to record backup vocals for the choruses of songs on their demo tape, but the band members liked the way the male and female vocals sounded together, and asked her to be a permanent member.[4] After several changes in the band`s line-up, the members were reduced to Ferro, Coti Zelati and Scabbia.