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Wait a bit as the process is going to take a bit; the waiting time depends on the size of the backup stored before the process began.

Now the new passcode can be set up and the user can use the fingerprint for device locking.

To completely avoid the issue, sync the device to i Tunes regularly.

Feel free to leave comments in what ways you can reset i Phone without passcode in the section below for comments.

One of the common causes for these errors is that you may have mods installed, and so the tags have a different checksum/hash, and so it can't update because it thinks they're messed up or something. If you need to update, have a backup of the original tags and put them back in the game, then after the update, reinstall your mods. You have to put all the literal files in the same folder as El Dewrito.

I know you got it working, I'm just going into details for people who make the same mistake in the future.

Step 3: On the screen, after you login, you’ll see all i Devices you’ve associated with your i Cloud account by logging in. You’ll also see options beside devices, as to what you want to do next with it.

Your PC or Mac should have i Cloud and latest i Tunes installed.

Use the same i Cloud username and password to set it up.

Step 5: Start a restore operation for the i Device you just restored.

Game file "maps\fonts\font_package.bin" data is invalid. Your hash: DDFA833A4C617DA68E003104A3806278F09AFDA0 Expected hash: B0E6A49047A5C3C2DE94AE0264569B9D16EB78F2 Please redo your Halo Online installation with the original HO files. If the validation halts or takes too long, check the debug menu(it's right on the front page of the launcher), it shows any errors and stuff that might've happened.

IDK why it doesn't show these until you go there. I extracted the, but it already had a folder called Halo, so I kept it how it was.

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El Dewrito allows the game to be played in player-hosted servers and aims to restore removed features, fix bugs and glitches, and add mod support.

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