Updating gridview rows using sqldatasource

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Updating gridview rows using sqldatasource

Phase #1 will be implementing the basic data handling features for a training company. NET team and is responsible for Web Forms and the Web Forms Developer Experience In this episode I talk with Damain about the future of Web Forms and it’s evolution, the inflewence of Dynamic Data on Web Forms, code generation for ASP. Resources As I’ve been swimming in the great j Query lake I discovered the j Query Quick Search Plugin, As Web Forms developers we often display lots of data using a gridview control. For demo simplicity I’m using an XMLData Source and reading from an XML file in my App_Data directory.I though it would be neet to set up using the j Query Quick Search plugin with the Gridview. When the user starts to type into the Filter Text Box the rows in the table are filtered, meaning rows that don’t match the character(s) entered are hidden from view.One “slider” means manipulating one value, multiple sliders means manipulating multiple values.This is another way to add a visual component to data entry, which may be faster, or lead to greater accuracy and convenience when data is being entered.Then when we start to type, we want the list to hide items that do not contain the character sequence that we have typed.

The “magic” happens in the j Query code that you see above between lines 11 and 44.

The company sells products, services, and training.

The training segment of the business represents a very small percentage of the actual corporate revenue but is a key strategy in the company’s brand identity, customer satisfaction strategy and instrumental in the supporting the sales of products and services.

I think the code’s functionality is pretty straight forward and looking at the code reveals many of the optional parameters.

Simplifying user input helps reduce data input errors! Sometimes we need users to be able to enter fomated input / text.

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There are many, many plugins that we could select from to implement this feature I’ve selected this one which makes things very easy.