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The aacs key is updating

Will this be enough to replace commercial Blu-ray players like the ones from Arc Soft, Corel or Cyberlink? The following aspects need to be resolved for that to happen: The AACS keys will never be part of the official VLC releases (since it enables copy protection circumvention), but open source support for Blu-ray playback is bound to be a boost for the format amongst the consumers (though the licensing entities are going to fret the loss of revenue).

If your father really wants to keep the Other OS option then his only option is to buy a new player & start playing his movies on it.VLC also has a GPLed open source library for the implementation of the AACS specifications.From the end-user's perspective, the big missing piece of the puzzle was the AACS keys database and how to get it integrated with the VLC installation.Although the process of updating all the Title Keys for an application usually takes a very small amount of time (much less than a second), it is a critical time.If the device were to fail during the re-encryption process, the user's content might be lost.

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Hi folks, When Sony decided to require all PS3 customers to lose advertised features by removing Other OS if you update the system, my Dad decided he didn't want to update his PS3 anymore.

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