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The ring we found was perfect: an Art Deco era piece with a large, deep green marquis cut emerald and small old cut diamonds on the band.

I have never seen another like it, although surely it was loved in an era long past.

We were so broke when we met; we lived in a 10-foot-by-10-foot concrete room with no hot water, but we were just happy to be together.

Our first date was a walk around the Dalai Lama’s temple and our second date was to visit my husband’s two adopted children at their boarding school.

When Brandon proposed atop a sandstone cliff in Canyonlands National Park in Utah, my “ring” was the ancient rock formations that surrounded us.

Once we settled at home in Atlanta, we searched for a ring that would reflect our unique bond, our love of nature and our appreciation for history.

The woman helping me said: “Oh, that’s a very special ring. She then said, “Now imagine a diamond in this setting, for your engagement ring.” That ring felt like an extension of my body when I put it on, and I could never imagine it other than the way it was intended to be, with a natural purple sapphire.

I received my engagement ring after 11 years of marriage.

I always wanted a rough diamond and my husband gave me one for my 51st birthday — just the stone.

I never liked diamonds and what they stood for, but I did want a ring.

My fiancé, now my husband for 10 years, and I went to a local store in Berkeley where jewelry is still being created. Knowing of my career in public finance and my nerdy enjoyment of infrastructure issues, my boyfriend at the time, (and now my husband) Kenneth, surprised me at a big party by proposing with this great infrastructure-themed ring in 2009. In the years since, it has struck me that the ring symbolizes the way our marriage bond undergirds our life together, supporting and nurturing our existence just as public infrastructure supports our communities. I hadn’t even begun looking when I saw this ring in the window of a vintage jeweler.

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We are so grateful for her blessing on our relationship.