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Although understanding each of these topics at a high level can get complicated, a good working knowledge of them doesn’t have to be.

I developed the Reactive Training System in part to provide athletes with this fundamental working knowledge. When I bring in a new athlete to RTS, one of the first things I teach them is about intensity.

Different people have varied perceptions of what intensity means, but for the purposes of powerlifting, it almost always refers to the percentage of your 1RM.

Intensity is the variable that can make the greatest impact on your training effectiveness.

Where many powerlifters get lost is when topics come up such as volume, intensity, frequency, specificity, etc.As you get stronger, the weights will naturally get heavier.If you’re having a bad day and you’re not capable of what you normally can do, it automatically adjusts the weights to fit your ability on that particular day.How do you get a training program tuned in to your body’s unique responses?Fortunately for you, you have much of the information you need already.

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Others are based off of a 1 rep max minus ‘X’ number of pounds. When I bring a new athlete into the program, we will usually use a sophisticated version of the last example.