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Sex chat no emails needed

It does not matter where you get married so long as your marriage is legally recognized in that country (and in Canada! In terms of the marriage being recognized in Canada, it is not so much the location, but age and consent of the parties getting married that must comply with Canadian law as well.

If you look at this question from the visa officer’s point of view (the person evaluating your file) they are trying to determine if the marriage is a legitimate one.If you are still in the dating phase of your relationship and trying to determine if you want to spend your lives together, you are likely not ready for sponsorship and your application has a risk of failing for this reason.There is nothing stopping you from trying an application, however, it will cost you application fees.Definition of marriage A marriage is one recognized by the province, state or country in which you were married. If you did get married in Canada, you must have a marriage certificate from the province or territory in which you were married (only send a copy of this certificate as part of your application, not the original! In some provinces, you can pay extra for an express service to get your marriage certificate much faster.I have found it is worth paying for this service as the certificate is often delivered within one week as opposed to four or six weeks or longer.

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