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S exchat

Users must respect the rights of other users, respect the integrity of the systems and related physical resources, and observe all relevant laws, regulations, and contractual obligations.

We feel many good things lie ahead and we look forward to seeing you online! Further Information Introduction This Acceptable Use Policy governs the use of computers and servers on the Ex Chat Internet Relay Chat Network, including but not limited to, its chat forums, web pages, and e-mail services.Where a reason is provided, it is done so at the discretion of Ex Chat.Rod, WI0T, and I have been using it to chat away on 40 meters each using 25 watts and vertical antennas. How EXChat differs is that it creates a chat environment by sending sentences and acts just like a chat or texting program. You type out a sentence, hit return and away the message goes.

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If you want to get to it and give it a try now, go to: is no install, just unzip the files into a directory (C:\EXChat for example) on your C: drive and start it up.