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According to the parable of the Elm and the Vine in the quasi-Biblical Shepherd of Hermas, the rich and the poor should be in a relationship of mutual support.Those with wealth are in need of the prayers of the poor for their salvation and can only earn them by acts of charity.She had also carefully picked up every pin that fell in her way, till she nearly filled one hundred pincushions.In addition to much other bric-a-brac, there were a great number of buttons, which had been cut off old coats.One trait of misers arising out of the accounts about them was their readiness to incur legal expenses where money was involved.Daniel Dancer was notorious for spending five shillings in an unsuccessful effort to recover three pence from a shop woman.Later in the 19th century there were small regional publications dealing with single individuals of local interest.Examples of such works include Frances Blair's 32-page Memoir of Margery Jackson, the Carlisle miser and misanthrope (Carlisle 1847) and in the United States the 46-page Lochy Ostrom, the maiden miser of Poughkeepsie; or the love of a long lifetime.

Such books were put to comic use by Charles Dickens in Our Mutual Friend (serialised 1864/5), with its cutting analysis of Victorian capitalism.This makes her sound more like a compulsive hoarder than the "Female Miser" that she is called in the report.The title was more deserved by Joseph Mac William, who was found dead of a fire on 13 June 1826.Although the word is sometimes used loosely to characterise anyone who is mean with their money, if such behaviour is not accompanied by taking delight in what is saved, it is not properly miserly.Misers as a type have been a perennial object of popular fascination and a fruitful source for writers and artists in many cultures.

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An authentic biography of Rachel Ostrom who recently died in Poughkeepsie, N.