Radiocarbon dating is used for estimating the ages of

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Archaeologists must consider whether they are examining redeposited cultural material.Archaeological properties that have been removed from their original locations by, for example, colluvial or alluvial processes are rarely ever considered significant.The mapping of the six upland areas was accomplished with little geologic ground truth information, although these areas have a relative abundance of archaeological sites in and around them.The geomorphic team included many field and laboratory members who worked on various tasks of the Landscape Suitability models.

Mn/Model’s methods fall into the middle of the spectrum because the geomorphic mapping product for the first eight areas was in part extrapolated from a moderate amount of ground truth (i.e., field work).

The probabilities were interpreted after an assessment of the stratum’s geologic age, depositional environment, and post-depositional alterations.

The latter two factors contribute to archaeological site integrity.

If people could not grow or harvest it on the landscape, they had to "mine" it from the earth.

The geology and landscape have also influenced the spiritual aspects of cultures.

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Fundamentally, cultural resources are part of the geologic record, as in the case of surface and buried prehistoric and historic resources.

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