Ots backdating

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Ots backdating

The Ottomans, commanded by 21-year-old Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II, began a seven-week siege on Friday, 6 April 1453.

They defeated an army commanded by Byzantine Emperor Constantine XI Palaiologos on Tuesday, . The capture of Constantinople (and two other Byzantine splinter territories soon thereafter) marked the end of the “Roman” Empire.

In person and figure, William Cecil was in strange contrast with his rivals at court, being diminutive in stature, ill-formed and weak in health.

Elizabeth styled him her pygmy; his enemies delighted in vilifying his “wry neck,” “crooked back” and “splay foot.” However, the power and control he wielded over the affairs of Elizabeth was anything but .

I propose, that in the 1800’s, British intelligence began mass-propagating of myths and Fairy Tales as part of an overall plan. All very impressive sounding, but that was the key. See Intelligence Basics – Window Dressing and Forging Documents article.

This was also part of an attempt to consolidate power back to faction of the Nesilim) fled the city before and after the siege, with the majority of them migrating particularly to Italy.Then came the truly ludicrous cover of “discovered” or “newly retrieved” classical (Greek and Latin) texts of supposed antiquity. This is when Latin really got going as a supposedly “ancient” language – it was not.“I shall call it LATIN.” Venice’s Aldine Press produced – now there’s a euphemism – editions of all the “great Greek authors” (like the fictional Aristotle and the “newly discovered” Plato) for libraries across Europe.By 1577, Pope Gregory XIII established the in Rome to “receive young Greeks belonging to any nation in which the Greek Rite was used”, and also for Greek refugees in Italy as well as the Ruthenians and Malchites of Egypt and Syria. Atanasio, joined by a bridge over the Via dei Greci, was begun at once.These young men were made to study the “sacred” sciences (meaning fictional histories and Catholic propaganda) in order to spread it among their fellow-countrymen to facilitate the reunion of the schismatical churches. You can see what the real point of all that “support” actually was by the Catholic Church – simply a ruse to try and gain (and keep) control.

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At first, the Catholic Church tried to control this “new” influence coming into Europe by appearing to support it, but that didn’t last long when the target became their main war-hammer itself, religion.

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