Online dating dating skin good protection

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Online dating dating skin good protection

What's more, many colonization attempts even of those places have failed.

To go to space to colonize, right now, is like Shackleton saying "Great, we have overwintered on Antarctica, hunting seals and huddling under boats, we must be ready to colonize it! Let's go to space like the early Antarctic explorers instead, to find out what's there.

Along the way we can discover if there is anywhere to set up home, and we don't know in advance that Mars is that place.

For instance, perhaps we may find vast lunar caves, kilometers wide and over 100 kilometers in length, as the Grail data suggests, as vast as an O'Neil Cylinder.

And it may surprise you a lot to learn that the Moon has many advantages over Mars as a place to create habitats for humans too.

Shackleton's Endurance trapped in the ice in Antarctica before it sunk.

Every sale boosts its ranking in the kindle bookstore temporarily.

For instance, two or three sales are enough to put it on the first or second page of kindle best sellers for Mars, for a few days.

But there are many places on Earth that we don't colonize.

Indeed, to date, we have only tried to colonize places where humans can survive with stone age technology.

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That's actually the plan of the ESA, India, Japan, China etc, they all want to send humans back to the Moon first.

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