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Trading Stories Like Sex Tourists A side of the daily routine during war that is understandably left out of military letters and memoirs is the soldiers' sex life, even though sexuality plays an important role in every army.According to the research literature, the generals had great trouble keeping the men's sex drives under control with brothels.

Even before the war against the Soviet Union, the Wehrmacht leadership established that there was no need to punish soldiers for attacks on Russian civilians, and that Red Army officers were to be shot immediately.

Wallus: "In Warsaw , our troops had to wait in line in front of the building's door.

In Radom , the first room was full while the truck people stood outside. They replaced the women every two days." Niwiem: "I have to say that we weren't nearly as respectable in France sometimes.

When I was in Paris , I saw our soldiers grabbing girls in the middle of a bar, throwing them across a table and -- end of story! " Readily Available Sex Today, we easily forget that the majority of the Wehrmacht soldiers went abroad for the first time as a result of the war.

When the Nazis came into power, less than 4 percent of Germans in the Reich had passports.


What is in fact critical is the expectation of discipline that comes from above.

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