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These two characters come together (in a cheesy way but who cares) and it's what they both need. I respect all the “blood, sweat and tears” that go into this drama to be successfully put on screen.

It's a slow start but if you can get through it, it picks up because as soon as they're lives start to pick up and they're happy peoples lives around them start to crumble. From I have read on drama, scene and character analysis …This is what I feel about Second Love… That’s so true, but there’s a fine dividing line between an intriguing hook and one that’s just a “put-off” especially an overtly sexual scene that comes in too early too fast too soon.

Episode 4 should have come in as the first episode and the certain scenes in the previous 3 episodes should be used as flashback when necessary to connect the story. Especially so when the body language from Yui san does not accentuate the essence of the lovemaking act. I guess it's because it is believable and "makes us want to do it"!!!! It was very sweet and delicate beautiful lovemaking scene…. Here , I can believe the rumour that Kamenashi Kazuya kun is heading for marriage with Fukoda Kyoko san.

A story that opens on the protagonist’s loser mental reflection of their situation is waving a RED flag. In all the 4 episodes I have seen the lovemaking scenes with a lot of exposure and sometimes an awkward lovemaking scene, but the lovemaking scene in episode 4 is beautiful….

And furthermore they live with her mother, and that's something that usually can't be done.

Even though he's in Johnny's you can feel that the's confidently dating. She has posted on her blog that the wrestler Yamamoto Seiko and model Ebihara Yuri have come to the salon, so her business is doing good." (An entertainment associate) Taguchi isn't flashy and if he got married he probably wouldn't lose fans...

Both actors did a great job and they have great on screen chemistry.

Kei is going through a really bad slump gets kicked out of a dancing company and is replaced immediately.

Yui is in a rut as well she still lives her mom (Yui is 33 I think) her life is redundant and boring and she's having an affair with a coworker and he has kids and a family; plus her mother clearly has a psychological problem that stems from her divorce (she needs counseling for sure I can tell and I'm not even a doctor). I am not taking away all their hard effort in making this into a great drama…

Does it mean anything special hidden between the lines to you? The feelings of sadness, happiness, sorrow, confusion, anger, respect, dating lancelot 20181 and most of all love are merged as one, creating an amazing feeling. He started playing when he was in the first grade and had represented Japan in the junior world leagues.

KAT-TUN Taguchi Junnosuke Actress Komine Rena "The truth is, in the couple's "love nest" is not only Komine, but Komine's mother is also living with them. With Taguchi's determination, they have begun a life of cohabiting." (An acquaintance of Taguchi) He's in Johnny's and there must be a lot of women who approach him, so dating for 8 years is amazing.

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Not being able to have a new start after dating for 8 years, it must be tough as a woman...

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