Intimidating sports team names cambridge carbon dating

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Intimidating sports team names

The Chicago Cubs Cubs aren't usually the stuff of nightmares.

If anything, the name 'cubs' conjures up images of cuddly playmates, the type you wouldn't mind meeting. The Los Angeles Angels Not only are angels generally a blessing to whoever encounters them, but the name in context makes it even worse: the Los Angeles Angels literally translates to "The The Angels Angels". The webbed feet, longs beaks, and comical noises don't exactly project power.

The Team Name Generator has gone through a complete rewrite.It had a total of 44,160 relay-competitors on May 10, 2014.In a relay race, each team member is responsible for covering a certain portion of the distance carrying a baton, which needs to be passed to the next team member as soon as possible, so that he/she may carry it further until the final teammate takes it to the finishing line.You can also get inspired from your favorite movie characters, and play with the names to come up with something suitable, say, The Hoppits, The Big Fat Pandas, and the like. Coming up with a team name may sound hard, but when ideas are tossed around among teammates it can be quite fun. Some even like a little humor in their team names, making it work well for a group that doesn't want to come off as stuffy, stereotyped, or way too serious.

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