Internet dating demotivational

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Internet dating demotivational

Super funny update: I found this extremely cheap book on Amazon with TONS of demotivational posters. I’m sure some of you have seen some of the demotivational posters floating around the internet, but I love them so I brought together a collection of some of the better de-motivational posters that I have been able to spot.

Demotivational posters are hilarious takeoffs of the motivational posters that many schools and workplaces post all over the place and make people generally feel ill.

Thought you could get away with the same old classic costume this year?

If someone tries to tell you there's going to be a secret Game of Thrones episode in February, tell them to relax; it's only a look behind the lens.

These compliments inspire more questions than answers.

We're not even sure if half of them were even intended to make the recipient feel good.

De-Motivational Poster: Teamwork I enjoy playing in the snow with people that are fun.

Anti-Motivation Posters: Achievement I love enddless supplies of hard physical labor.

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