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Through the use of the techniques found in The Emotion Code, these trapped emotions are believed to be released allowing for the vibration of the previously trapped emotion to no longer hinder who you truly are.

This is a very simple and The wellness routine presented in Body Talk Access helps to re-establish internal lines of communication within the bodymind.

Day to day living can instigate arguments in a couple but if you can identify what the underlying issue is and communicate this to your partner then there’s a better chance of it being resolved.1. Research has found that during arguments, couples tend to repeat themselves because they don’t feel heard.

Instead of talking at each other, listen to what each other have to say and have a dialogue about it.2. We all come to a relationship with our own history, our own family experiences and a model of how relationships function- sometimes this is healthy and sometimes it’s not.

If these issues are the trigger for ongoing conflict, then there’s likely an underlying reason for this angst.

For example arguments about sex can be about feeling undesired, if it’s about housework it could be that your partner doesn’t feel respected and if it’s about money it may be that one partner feels they have all the responsibility in the relationship.

Expecting your partner to run the house like your mother did or to abandon you like your father did isn’t helpful.

If you can seem to let the past go, then seeking professional help to work through these issues may be useful.3. Often arguments become personal and generalised and start to stray from the core issues.

The usual reasons for a couple arguing if they are married or cohabitating is related to money, work/ home/ life balance, children, housework and sex.“I need you to help me cook the dinner tonight,” or “I need you home by 6pm on Wednesdays.” Your partner may not be able to meet your needs, but at least they’ll know what is expected of them rather than hearing about all the things they are doing wrong.4. When you resort to nasty comments or verbally abuse your partner you can cause long-lasting damage to your relationship.Put downs and emotional abuse is not acceptable and will in no way resolve the issue.Additionally, we offer more spiritual or energy-based therapies like Access Consciousness Bars, Emotion Code, and the I-Ching as well as classes to help fill in other gaps helping to create a complete solution for your everyday needs.Our therapist, Scha On, is continuously taking additional courses, classes, up-date-trainings, continuing education, and studying so we can continue to bring you the best that natural medicine has to offer.

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Research conducted by Relationships Australia (2011) [1] found that the four main reasons why relationship conflict arises is due to:– financial stress,– communication difficulties,– lack of trust and– different expectations and values.