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It was a passion, and they spent their time on the thrill of the hunt.” She says younger people aren’t really that interested in filling shelves.

“I consider myself a digital hoarder,” says Josh Phillips, 33, who is opening a Oaxacan restaurant, Espita Mezcaleria, this fall in Shaw.And 40 percent say they would want to live there in the future.Take Kelly and Josh Phillips, who rent a 700-square-foot apartment in the District’s Shaw neighborhood.Roewer was born in 1973, which makes him part of Generation X.He says his own parents try to give him items for his 750-square-foot home.

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“Eight times out of 10, kids don’t want the parents’ furniture or boxes of letters or scrapbooks,” she says. They don’t love your furniture.” Kenyon says that boomers may be a bit envious of their offspring as they look to shed things and have more freedom to travel.