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Frustrated dating

Many things can make children angry, just as they do with adults, but parents often find dealing with angry children to be the most difficult part the parenting job.

They feel everything from exhaustion to nerve wracking aggravation.

There are differences between being annoyed, mad, angry, outrage…

and while these differences make little sense to children, as we grow older we can distinguish between these different emotions.

The task then becomes how to manage anger and channel it toward productive or at least acceptable outlets, and not how to deny or repress it.

Setbacks and obstacles can make us stronger if they challenge us to grow.

Anger is a feeling, while aggression is a behavior.

Anger is a temporary emotional state caused by frustration; aggression is often an attempt to hurt a person or to destroy property. Teach other ways to vent frustration without acting in hurtful or damaging ways.

However, explain that aggression (hitting your brother) is not ok. A parent might say something like, “Here’s what I do when I get mad.” Don’t just tell your child what not to do; tell them what they should do too. Tell me about what happened, or tell him to give your toys back, or warn him you’ll tell me.” Some parents want to punish anger because they don’t like aggression.Dealing with a child’s anger requires first finding out what they feel.Ask them what’s happened, what went wrong, or why they are feeling what they feel. On the other hand, they may need your help to label their feelings.Parents and teachers must remember that just as there are many things in our adult lives that make us angry (i.e., being cut off in traffic, losing something important, or being frustrated by our computers). Likewise, there are many things in children’s lives that make them angry, and their reactions are normal.Adults must allow children to feel all of their feelings, and model acceptable ways to manage, label, and communicate them.

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Add to this that each generation of children in America seems to grow more open with expression of emotions, even ones labeled as “selfish” emotions, and more open about expressing them in more places (e.g., support groups, friends, social networking sites…).