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Free text sex chat site personal

Others belong to dark powers, such as the Nine Hells where Asmodeus governs his infernal kingdom.A few astral dominions lie abandoned, the ruined heavens and hells of gods and powers that have fallen.The Feywild The closest of these alternate worlds is the Feywild, or the realm of faerie.

Elemental creatures of all kinds live and move through the Elemental Chaos: ice archons, magma hurlers, thunderbirds, and salamanders. In the nadir of this realm lies the foul Abyss, the font of evil and corruption from which demonkind springs.

In the Shadowfell, heroes might venture into: A necromancer’s tower; The sinister castle of a shadar-kai lord, surrounded by a forest of black thorns; A ruined city swept by long-ago plague and madness; or The mist-shrouded winter realm of Letherna, where the fearsome Raven Queen rules over a kingdom of ghosts.

The Elemental Chaos All of the cosmos is not tied to the mortal world as closely as the Feywild or Shadowfell.

If a mountain stands in a given place in the mortal world, a similar mountain stands in a corresponding place in the Feywild. Built structures and terrains are not copied in the faerie realm, so a valley dotted with farm fields and towns in the mortal world would simply exist as untouched, unsettled woodland in the Feywild.

The Feywild’s many vistas can catch your breath with beauty, but the Feywild is far from safe.

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