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: — Pag* AS— Tournament time Clinton picks Miami’s Reno to lead Justice The Associated Press WASHINGTON — naming_tlic„ nation’s first female attorney general, President Clinton nominated Miami prosecutor Janet Reno on Thursday.

Her selection came after two earlier candidates stumbled because they had hired illegal aliens.

This situation is avoided ^in that there is usually a negative correlation between the, degree of anatomical fidelity in an assistive device and j^he degree to which functional performance criteria can be achieved. The impetus for the workshops waa based on a need to expand the findings of an earlier NSF-funded AAAS /PHS project and its resultant pubiication* A Research Agenda on Science and Techno Mcgxj for the Handicapped, this agenda identifies ^ priority research ne^ds in science and technology for disabled individuals and suggests the type of exchange between disabled and non-disabled people which would result in effective research and development strategies to- mfeet 'current • pressing needs of handicapped people and to improve their quality of life. It ^ caused millions of Jews to walk, knowingly, to their own executions, it contin ues to caise "voodoo" and unexpected surgery deaths; and it caused the widely- publicized suicide of Lyn Thompson-in conjunction "^^h anti-humane Social Secur ity Administration procedures which she believed would force her into a custodial institution. iron ndng and the other is trivial, by compai;ison.. '/i*^ Roesler and Paes lack (197A) , at the University of Heidelberg, were the first to use an industrial manipulator and a highly structured work environment. wo tho i M'.t lohotir aid with optloal proximitv dotootors on tho ' tor- vi . Tho svstom had primitive "reflexes" tor obiect ,t;,,n. The manipuhitor was programmabh' i n -a high level i-ihl, ottoi Stanford Robot io Aid is the most reoent projoot in tlie manipulation aid (Loiter, ot al., 1980, 1981, 1982). Happily, the stories of outright discrimination seem to be mainly in the past. The majority, though not all, of current students or recent graduates of teacher education programs report very good experiences with supportive counselors and college faculty.

This line of rea^bning has clear and appropriate limitations where cosmetic 'issues are ah overriding concern. ^ " Vice-President, Rochester Institute of Technology, ■ • ■ and ' ' ; ■' ^ ' ■ ' . ' The workshops provided a unique opportunity for disabled and non-disabled scientists and engineers to participate In the process of identifying current -research, outlining requirements for innovative development,* proposing new programs of^ research in technological aids, and methods of effectively sharing state-of-the-art information on devices to avoid re-invention of the wheel, and the wheelchair. y'; " The civil/human rights- movement and rehabilitation engineering^ technology are advancing~in parallel vtb;. ■ '■■ ■■' q UESTi ON: The mother and father of the: young m^? The electromechanical manipulator ha'd five degrees-of-f reedom [)lus grasp. H oi woi k s t vo Iv,h1 1 i om a tor shou Mor Mit..-. _ It .-I., ton inrorporato a human soale industrial manipulator (Unima- , staiulard mi orop roressor based voioed oommand unit, and mixed , ,r believe that the different technologies will coexist indefinitely. , "The Need for a Smart Sensate Hand in Rehabilitative Robotics," 1980 Advances in Bioengineering , Mow, V. Part of the increased support stems, no doubt, from federal laws such as Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Somc^t lines one course was substituted for another.

A list "of participants for the three workshops, workshop goals, and workshop agend&s are included. -^omon G Minor changes have been rr^ade to .rr^prove rep Toduction quality. "83-16 Conyrlght© 1983bytlie ' - V American Association for the Advancement of Science 1776 j Massadiusetts" Avenue, NW . ' impairment to perform an activity in the manner o;: within . ' •* Handicap: a disadvantage for a given individual, resulting from an ^ impairment or a disability, lhat limits or prevents the fulfillmerit of a role that is normal Cdepending in age, ^ " /\ ' sex, social and cu Ltural ff actors) for that individual. I had to learn too.'' Gradu^nf I developed m^ language by using i.^ Don't you «,ant to talk to your fri^ndi'"' Marketing is hard work', the . eiq^iipraerilt whereby the ..secretary sits down with ^- ' * . ■ When I returned to Rancho* to take a staff position in 1963^ I found a revo- lution had taken place with respect to motorized wheelchair philosophy. Direct current servo motors were used at each joint and were individually controlled by a variety of ingen^ious swi tcli arrays. "Medical Manipulation." First CISM-IFTo MM Symposium o f ;^Theory.'and Design of Robots and Manipulators. The disabled educators in the AACTE study felt that employers could discriminate without appearing to discriminate and that it is to the advantage of the disabled applicant to allay unspoken doubts and fears as they are being considered for a position.

• * Poirtts of view or opinions stated in this docu_ n,ant do not necessarily represent o H. CO ■■' : "PERMISSION TO REPRODUCE THIS j MATERIAL IN MICROFICHE ONLY i HAS BEEN GRANTED BY TO THE EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES INFORMATION CENTER (ERIC)." ERIC - ■ . ■ • ■ Project on the Handicapped in Science ■; ' j ' ■ " ■ ■■ . ■ American Association for the Advaiicement of Science • .■..•1 ERIC This book is based upon group participation and presentations given at three te Son S^Srkshops on SQiejice and Technology for the Handicapped con- ^^nedby S to 1981, andfimdedby National Science Fomidation Graixt No. , ' r9 •3 I^BN 87168-264-8 ^ A^.' ' ' Mbraxj^ of Congress Catalog Number 83-736^5 . The interaction betyeen thes^ three phases in the development of . It is the primary role 6f the health care profession IMPAIRMENT medicine 'DISABILITY HANDICAP engineering. advertising, the traveling, the conven- tions^.' the meetings. Our 1 Now you probably are' Honde ring if we made any money ejut pf/ this? We , ^are: involved in it emot:i9naliy and it has become an ego thing t/ V Meanwhile, we haye mpre than ten dompetitors. All they do is give y©u a patent, but they will not protect: *yp\i ' - ^/ The question' -ish S^-w^ th& f 100, p(}4? be used by tha-'Widest -.rrtajority of \ - 'the handicapped group. develop a ] - specialized device for just one person, I woulci take that fcinie arid sp^nd it on a device that will' help a hundred to^a thousand or ten tho.us^and -p^oplja. usie outside people, and devices that they have alreddy deyel- ^ oped. They were now being strongly recommended^ for anyone with a significant degree of arm weakness. Several similar versions of this system were built. They suggested that the reality may be that it is harder to land the first job if you are disabled and believed that direct communication about one*s limitations as well as an explanation of the ways that one has learned to perform the job in qisestion may be helpful in the job interview.

American Association for the Advancement of Science," Washington, D. Collected Works - Conference Proceedings (02^) * ■ ■ ' ■ . The first workshop focused on issues in technology for daily living. Barry Unger, John Rogers,^ Vernon Nickel^ Martin Frank, ^ James Marsters, Qeorge- Chandler i • Psychological Aspects of Rehabilitation Engineering . ISSUES IN TECHNOLOGY FOR EDUCATION ■ , Low-Budget Ideas for the Visually Impaired in Science Dorothy Towbaugh' ^. Modifications of Effective Teaching of Handicapped Student^ Robert S, Menchel " . Computer-Assisted Lipreading Training foif the Deaf, ^ Using the Dimamic Audio Video Interactive' Device (DAVID) Donald G. / ' ISSUES IN TECHNOLOGY FOR EMPLOYMENT ^ Consideration^ in Choosing^ Technology for the Jo^ ^ite^^ Nancy Crewe • i . ^ Innovations in Adapt'ive Equipment and Job Si te^odifi cations Don R, Warre V? the recprd of a milestone effort in our society to understand' the role of engineering science and technology in the world of physically disabled individuals. 'ata V; Se:i: KLh°o So^our^ff ices- and we have counseikg * offices' t^rougl^^uto^^^^ -^a Ltrictv^^^^^ the Ch^er of Commerce the citiee. If thfe'bank is still unwilling to make a loan even on the guaranteed basis, then \^e have a direct lending program where we actually ' loan the money, directly, ourselves. er e ar e s ome ad di 1 1 6 nal f e a tu re s of th e di r e c t p ^bgr am , s uch a^ s ome mdijeiyyf&hat is %et aside for particular situations, one, of which is what we call -,th^ p AL program. The sheltered wbrksaiops must be non-profit and are organ- ized to., produce pr9ducts and services by^iajj least 75 percent handicapped people. 1 S , Unfortunately, due to the budgetary squeeze that has occurred since the new administration, this program has dried up for _this fiscal (through Septem- ber l981), and' we do not know where it will stand for next? He remainder of this year, is for acquiring an indepen- dent business,'' for-p it: individual business,, or starting up such a business. Up to now interest has been something ;6h -^the order of 3 percent. , - i ' Again, I don't know whit's going to happen jiext year, but I can give you an •Idea. ^ ' GEORGE CHANDLER: Here in San Diego, the number is 293-5A30. ^o ' that depending upon where, you- re located, you can call the appropriate one., ; ' * ° If the request 'is for management assistance, we would have a SCORE cpun- selor talk with you and sek up an. either at our of Mce or Jot your place of business. Then I f ound JJ^Jieceasary to get a one-arm drive, manual chair which I could propel to do ward rounds and see patients spread over a huge, one-story hospital. get at.- It goes; back^m^re to the;^ques^^ of developing meaningful-ways of getting involvement ^f^om d^^^ h stages prior to product testing, i.e. I he exact of labor between man and computer will necessarily vary only at about the same time that external power was first applied to drive the supporting structure. Project participants identified the 'major barriers that *they belie Ve restrict the full participation of disabled persons in the education field.NEW YORK — A young gun- -man-sccking-asylum,in- thc-United- States hijacked a jetliner 104. three demands,, said city Police Detective Dominick Misino: • the .plane 'go to Kennedy International Airport; that he receive politicai osylum; and that the, Ljnitcd States intervene in ■ Bosriia-Herziegovina. The Associated Press ■ WASHINGTON — The number of dntifftttcial co Up Ifcfi*tn"America nearly doubled in the past 12 years, and now more than one out of every 50 mar- riages crosses the boundaries of nice, the government says.' people aboard Thursday and forced -i t-from - Austria to- Ncw~Yoric,-whcrc. — * — — [ No one was injured during the II- hour ordeal, the first trans-Atlantic, hijacking in more than 16 years., : Scvcn Americans were among the ■passengers on the Lufthansa Airbus 3io- The gun turned out to be a starter’s pistol, a source said. Attorney Thomas Roche said after several hours of conflicting reports -about his identity. The plane was hijacked over Aus- tria during a flight from Frankfurt, Germany, to’ Cairo, Egypt, and Ad- dis Ababa, Ethiopia. ■ / Issues in Teclmplogy f6v Daily Living, Education, and Employment ERIC 3 ■■■ La Jolla • Hoc^ester Minneapolis • •• ■■ • ' ' ■' ^ ' ■ . OPA7920290: , - The contents of this publication do not necessarily reflect the views or policies S^^ SSs or of the funding a^ency.^ior does "mention °f^g«^ SToo^S mfercial products, or organizations Imply endorsement Tjy 'the U. (wlth'-backup ^rom engineering) to minimize the progression from itnpa; Lrment to disability; In a complimentary sense, the engineering science community seeks, with support from the medical profession, to reverse the tendency, for a disabil- ity to induce a handicap, \ When associated with impairment, the cbntribution of engineering science is often expressed as tools for diagnosis -and treatment, "assistive technology. Shirley Malcom, Head, AAAS Office of Opportunities in Science, offered guidance in all 'inspects of the project. That's why I'd rather pay so :,uch more for a product. who' ve come ohs treani^^t^ehave patent, but the people who make the most money *on .patents are patent lawyers. §10 0 ; 00 0 -t o * s ue_j5_Qmeb ody th r dugh the pat en t courts. to research 'and develop new* products or would it-be ^•^^^^ after ajl She ^c^ We want, to see qur prpduct- gi^ow. c There are new ^evicies coming onstream for the deaf. We changed ^our eq.uipment so.cthat ^computer, equipmgnt will work 'b V^r the ' ^ - telephone,, for the'dfeaf. The memory of how exhausting ward rounds had been with a manual chair eliminated any traces of resistance to the idea, along with role modeling pro- vided by a minimally disabled physician who was, by then, using one to save her^ time and eftergy. At least one version was whee 1 cha i r inoun ted and batterv ^ififwered. Some thought that taking steps to improve employment prospects while still a student, such as attending professional meetings and making contacts, would pay off.* •» Sometimes disabled i Jprsons themselves had internalized a defeatist attitude. Skills Needed To Meet the Needs of -Employers Jack R. ■ • Use of the Coi^puter As ' a Multi-Task 'too I by a Vocally ^ Impaired Accountant - . Carlislh and Raymond Fulford s Access to the Total -Work Environment Raymorid Lifchez- ■ " . r PARTICIPANTS Advisory Committee ^^-^ La Jolla Workshop v^* .215 Rochester Workshop ^ . From late 1958 to early 1961, I served a psychological internship at Rancho Los Araigos Hospital. MITCH, HART:- The way I was introduced'^ it wis that you go^jfii littii box, . Information transfer between man and machine must be carefully managed. "Computer-Aided Robotic Arm/ Worktable System for the High-Level Quadriplegic." IEEE Computer, A1-A7, January 1981. Some told of technological aids that were of use to them.

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“She is a front-line crime fighter and a caring public ser- vant, ’’’Clinton said.

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