Discreet two way webcam sex

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Discreet two way webcam sex

Remote-controlled vibrators and butt plugs are available at most sex toy stores these days.

Make a zip strip: If you really feel adventurous, take about six wooden clothespins and drill a small hole in one handle of each one, near the end.

Once the clothespins are in place, it's just a matter of finding exactly the right time to tug sharply on the twine, pulling the row of clothespins free, one after the other...

A wicked variant on this idea: tie one end of a long piece of twine to a clothespin.

If you have any ideas you think should be here, let me know! You don't necessarily have to tell him or her exactly what you're planning; sometimes surprises are fun.

But you don't want to do anything your partner hates, either.

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Establish a "safeword." It's a code word that means "stop. I mean it." You don't want to use a word like "no" or "stop," because sometimes you might want to work a pretend struggle into your fantasy. Have some scissors on hand in case you need to get 'em loose in a hurry.