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Dimona dating dimona singles lang ru

Gradually other notes are introduced and the whole pentatonic scale appears.

Recorders are used to give different tone-colour to some melodies; the Violoncello, Double Bass, Viola da Gamba and Lute (usually only open strings used) provide the simple drone, to which the Harpsichord is occasionally added.

To accompany this (as well as many of the songs and pieces) simple accompaniments consisting of as combination of several repeated figures (OSTINATO) are used.

Play these recordings to your children, play them to your friends, and hopefully you will find them as odd, magical, spooky and as intruiging as I do.

-Jonny Trunk MUSIC FOR CHILDREN has grown out of work with children.

By the late 1950s the term “Schulwerk” (literally Schooling or School Work) had been adopted and with the inclusion of nursery rhymes and street cries it had spread across Europe as a popular education technique. Percussion Exercises i) For Various Percussion Instruments 67.

A two LP recording was issued in Germany in 1957 to demonstrate some of the musical results, this was followed by a pair of LPs issued in the UK, that were to include the music as well as early English nursery rhymes, songs and sayings. Percussion Exercises ii) Stamping, Clapping and Knee Slapping 68.

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And whilst the simple methods of musical education contained and inspired by these recording are possibly redundant these days, I’m convinced they are still as important and relevant as they ever were.

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