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Designer file not updating visual studio

It has allowed us to modernize our development language and framework without spending hundreds of hours rewriting legacy code.

That said, the request is explicit as far as Visual Studio is concerned, but implicit as far as the developer is concerned.Even the venerable gurus on Stack Overflow had few appealing suggestions when I posed our problem.I knew that if I could convert our project from a WAP to a WSP, we would be able to use C# for new MVC pages while leaving the existing VB. (And performance would not suffer, as the MSDN link above attests.) Unfortunately, after hours of searching, I could not find a comprehensive guide for converting a WAP to a WSP (there were dozens of guides for the reverse process.)I eventually got it done through painful trial and error, and I document the technobabble here for anyone who comes across this scenario in the future.Note that not all the steps below will necessarily be required for your particular project.We have been running our site using this format for several months now without any major issues.

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