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Some sources have said that Matthews himself was influential in Hendrix's decision to leave the Squires and start singing, and Matthews own words indicate this, but it may also be fair to say that Matthews was infuenced in the business direction he would take by Hendrix's guitar sound, and the other fuzz tone guitar sounds that were becoming more and more popular in Rock and Roll at the time.Matthews graduated from Cornell with a five year degree in 1965, the year Keith Richards plugged his guitar into a Gibson Maestro Fuzz-Tone pedal and recorded the Rolling Stones #1 hit . His preference was to play keyboards in a band full time since rock and roll was his love, but he was married to a wife who felt the financial security of a steady job was more important.The Tone Bender was being produced by Sola Sound in London, and sparked the UK's entry into the fuzz pedal market.Sola later made a Mark II version for Vox, and yet another version for Marshall called the Supa Fuzz.Matthews was also a keyboardist playing in a rock band at the time, and for side work he was a part time band promoter.

Guild, based in Rhode Island at the time, was primarily a large guitar maker but they also had other related products made under their brand name.The first Rock and Roll fuzz tones came out of America in 1962 on the Ventures song , using a hand made Red Rhodes fuzz pedal, and Gibson was the first to the market with a production fuzz pedal shortly after that in 1962, the Maestro Fuzz-Tone (FZ-1).It wasn't until the 1964 that Dave Davies of the Kinks popularized fuzz tone in the United Kingdom with album the same year.Also in 1966, Vox made their own version of the Tone Bender in Italy and Arbiter Electronics Ltd. Jimi Hendrix was the poster boy for this pedal, making it hugely popular.Other popular fuzz users were Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Pete Townshend, and Jimmy Page (See the fuzz pedal timeline here for a detailed list of nearly all the fuzz pedals on the market at this time).

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Combinations of these pre existing circuit stages were cobbled together by engineers and modified to work as a whole circuits.

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