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Damien Maslin is currently a Blue Vampyre who was a student at the Tulsa House of Night.

Nearly the opposite is found within American Indian beliefs that allow for infinite meanings and interpretations that we call "Spiritual Freedom." In the same way every thing of creation is different from all other things, so it is with our spiritual beliefs - founded within the uninhibited nature of all Creation.) Therefore, we caution you: Statements made below about the traits, habits and particular distinguishing qualities of various animals, are in no way intended to give a human definition or meaning to other spiritual entities, objects or things.

Damien is extremely smart and has a very large vocabulary.

He often uses words like "sycophant" and "zealous." He is studious, wise, kind and very cute.

Although there are over five hundred American Indian tribes, speaking more than one-hundred and fifty languages, there exists universal beliefs that transcend ethnic, cultural and geographic boundaries.

Each thing on Earth Mother and each thing in the Universe has its own particular appearance, traits and other distinguishing qualities.

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They are sentient beings, but they have a different consciousness from our own.

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