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Ruby mainly embodies Garnet's strength and courage, while Sapphire embodies Garnet's cool nature and calm under pressure. She is known to be very hot-headed and has violent ways of exhibiting her anger; this is best seen in "Keystone Motel", when she is infuriated to the point of using her thermokinesis and boiled the motel pool, even summoning her weapon at The Best Diner in the World.

Despite her wild emotions, Ruby is still very willing to admit when she has taken her anger too far and will admit when she is in the wrong.

Before her and Sapphire's regenerations in "Jail Break", Ruby's top was black and maroon similar to the one she wore as a Homeworld soldier, and she still had her maroon headband and boots and brown shorts, as seen in "Three Gems and a Baby".

In "The Answer", which flashes back to the Rebellion and shows Ruby when she was still a soldier for Homeworld, Ruby's outfit is similar to her current one, except she has a maroon belt, she does not have a headband, and there is more brown than maroon on her tank top.

She also showed enough forethought to write Sapphire a letter before leaving.

"The Question" reveals her more spontaneous and adventurous side and highlights her desire to find her own purpose and individuality without Sapphire though she later revealed she was sad that Sapphire wasn't there to share experiences with. "Reunited" shows a softer side to Ruby than has been seen before, as she is the one who wears a wedding dress and walks down the isle in the role as bride and is the first to state her vows.

Her gemstone is located in the palm of her left hand and has a square facet.While Sapphire shakily tries to calm themselves from this revelation, Ruby is clearly angered at the revelation of Homeworld's experiments and became hysterical.In "Gem Heist", Ruby shows animosity from the fact that Holly Blue Agate sees Blue Diamond as being merciful and starts to rant about its contradictions.These moments of calm also bring out the playful tease inside her, which is for the most part trapped under her wild emotions.Ruby also places much value in trust and fusion, being absolutely outraged with Pearl when she learns she was tricked into fusing into Sardonyx.

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