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Every kingdom within Duanren Empire, every big and small family, and every big and small sect knew of this name.

Although he managed to bring his family back safely and he destroyed Yao Manor, Yao Fei and Yao Shan escaped.

A few hours later, the Yao Manor that had been standing in Duanren Imperial City for over a thousand years suddenly crumbled to the ground, ruined.

All of Yao Manor’s guards were killed, including the main and side branch families left behind.

While they were doing this, one of the Yao Manor guards lunged out, aiming an attack at Huang Xiaolong’s chest.

However, with a flick of Zhao Shu’s sleeve, that guard was akin to a broken plank in the stormy sea after jumping mere inches off the ground, crashing into a chamber wall.

If it weren’t because your Young Noble and Ancestor’s legs were longer than most, allowing them to run that much faster, we’d have slit their throats long ago.

Tsk, to still dream of relying on your dog fart shit Noble and Ancestor...”Huang Xiaolong didn’t care to debate nonsense with these people, signaling Yu Ming with a look. Approaching the several guards, he ended their lives with a palm strike straight to their hearts.

With Yao Manor’s demise, Huang Xiaolong’s name traveled far and wide to every corner of Duanren Empire.Answering Huang Xiaolong’s question, he said, “Young Lord, just now when Subordinate cast the power of space, I sensed House Master Huang’s presence.They are held in a secret chamber at the north corner of Yao Manor!Yao is expected to return to China in July to train and play on the national team in September.The paper discounted rumors in the Chinese press that the wedding would be shown on live TV, with China’s Olympic gold medal-winning hurdler Liu Xiang as the master of ceremonies, AFP reports.

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