Dating fender hot rod deville

Posted by / 10-Aug-2018 22:16

Dating fender hot rod deville

This is a great amp though and you will be happy with it.

Bought the 212 Deville in 2002 from L&M and this one was made in USA.

The amp will fill any bar or anything with less than 20,000 seats.

Great clean tone but I am not fond of the built in overdrive.

The new Hot Rod De Ville 212 IV is a 60 Watt tube amp combo with two 12″ Celestion A-Type speakers that offer a well-balanced and powerful output.

It has three channels: Normal, Drive and More Drive and there’s a smooth-sounding spring reverb as well.

An external speaker jack is located next to the output tubes in the back and allows the signal to be heard out of both the amplifier itself and the speakers to which it is connected (which must have a 4- or 8-Ohm impedance).

When you get to 4 on the clean channel it starts to get a little dirty and gives off a nice bluesy sound.

Its loud as balls on 4 though and if you're playing in a small bedroom/apartment I wouldn't recommend the 212 get the single 12.

It still sounds great, classic Fender tone on clean, I use with pedal chains at the front of the amp and in the effects loop -- reverb, echo, delay, chorus, overdrive.

I usually pair this with another Fender amp (Vibrolux, Deluxe). I play indoors, put volume of 3 or 4 and adjust guitar volume to get the tone. I originally bought my Hot Rod Deville in 2001 (or so) as a more "compact" replacement for my Marshall JCM 800.

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