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Dating different socioeconomic status

"In these situations I presume that men relate to traditional gender role norms, but I wish to emphasize that this analysis does not necessarily apply to all men on an individual basis." "The connection between power, gender and violence is very complex, and there are several mechanisms at play.Contrapower strategies, for instance, do not apply so much to relationships practicing traditional gender roles." One of the finds in the study is that women with the same status as their partner more often experience intimate partner violence than women with lower status.This may cause stress and frustration which again may lead to escalating conflicts which end in physical violence towards their partner," says Bjelland.Not a conscious strategy Bjelland believes that the physical violence in many of these cases revolves around situational conflicts and outbursts caused by anger and frustration rather than conscious power strategies.And the abused partner is the one with the highest status," says sociologist Heidi Fischer Bjelland.According to the sociologist this applies both to men and women.

Women more exposed Both men and women with a higher status than their partner have an increased risk of experiencing psychological abuse or controlling partners, but women with a higher income than their partner also have an increased risk of experiencing physical abuse: "Their risk of experiencing both physical and psychological violence increases with the difference in income," says Bjelland.

Having a higher income or education than your partner could be risky, as a higher socio-economic status than one's partner increases the chance of psychological violence and abuse. "Whenever power is unevenly allocated in a relationship the chance of physical and psychological abuse increases.

And the abused partner is the one with the highest status," says a sociologist.

When I distinguish between psychological and physical acts of violence, the psychological factor is becoming much clearer and the results become more nuanced," says the researcher.

One of the finds particularly surprised Bjelland: "The fact that men with a higher socio-economic status than their partner have an increased risk of experiencing abuse in their relationships was very surprising, since it conflicts with international studies within the same field." She emphasizes the Norwegian gender equality as a possible explanation.

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"Previous studies have looked primarily at physical abuse.

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