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These women, professional dismiss their unmarried charges after the interviews, then huddle together in a dark room lined with ancient religious texts.Speaking in a mixture of English, Yiddish, and Hebrew, they rifle through their notes, searching for matches.One chilly afternoon this fall, I met with one of the five Borough Park matchmakers—let’s call her Raisy—in her basement sanctum.Raisy was a plump woman with bright blue eyes visible through the bangs of the sandy-colored wig she wears per Orthodox tradition.They are helping the men and women—especially the women—fulfill the primary social responsibility of their community: to get married.

Simply put, DNA studies on Ashkenazim have consistently shown that males show a strong genetic affinity (similar mutations on the Y chormosome) with other Jewish males, no matter where they live, whereas Ashkenazic females do not show any genetic affinity with other Jewish females.

A matchmaker—usually a woman, but men provide the service as well—finds a match and informs the parents on each side.

The parents then conduct “research” into the proposed spouse.

(Dena is not her real name—she feared reprisals from men and matchmakers alike). I don’t want to see that picture.’”Aliza, 31, described an almost factory-like approach by some .

When she asked why men kept rejecting her, the matchmaker replied, “Maybe you should go to the gym a little bit more.”Sharon, an Orthodox 40-year-old from the Midwest (also not her real name), told me that another matchmaker insisted they become Facebook friends, and then went through her online photos, deleting ones she didn’t like. She recalls going to an event with another panel of matchmakers in Brooklyn. “One had a binder, one has notecards, one has a computer.

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The unavailability of men has shifted the bargaining power in their favor.