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The Church In the Amish culture, the word "church" doesn't refer to a building, but to the people in the congregation.Since in most sects there is no church building, services are held in individual homes on a rotating basis.To help you get a better insight into the Amish Tradition, imagine that you are Amish.Your Amish history dates back to 1693 when your forefathers split from the Mennonites.Or if calamity hits the farm with a lightning strike and a barn is destroyed, the community is there with a barn raising.The Amish culture provides sense of security that is very hard to give up just to drive a car and have electricity.Old order sects all use buggies while some others such as the Beachy sect own cars.In fact you, also, might have owned a car in the past, before you joined the church and were yoked to the Ordnung.

This contentment probably accounts for the fact that 80 to 90 percent of the children who grow up in the Amish Culture stay and join the church.

The church provides security from cradle to grave for all the members of the congregation.

If sickness strikes, church support is there with labor and financial help.

The actual service usually lasts around three hours.

Afterward lunch is served to the entire congregation in shifts, while those not eating socialize.

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After their parents depart, young adults stay for the Sunday night singing.

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