Dating a quadriplegic woman

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Dating a quadriplegic woman

I do the morning routine; I get him up every morning and drive him 30 minutes to work then drive 30 minutes back home. I can’t do the things that I want to do in life, because I am always assisting him in the things he wants to do. I don’t know what to do anymore, I am asking for your advice.

He says, what is the point on hiring a morning time aide, because when he gets his truck the morning routine will just consist of getting him up and dressed. He is very inconsiderate of my feelings and is very selfish.

Is it fair that I might not ever have sexual intimacy because I was hit by a drink driver just 6 weeks after passing my driving test?

He is not the same person that I feel in love with.But he has been saying the truck will be here in a couple of weeks… I guess I am asking for your advice as wheelchair users other quadriplegics and their lovers or partners. I recently received a spinal cord injury to my c2 vertebrae.Does anyone think they could date someone like me long term? I can understand that it would be daunting and people would be put off by that. Knowing JJ from messaging and his random videos, how would he approach a Tinder Profile and how could other gaggers learn to approach theirs Hip Dips: A Women's Curse?

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I have explained my feelings and thoughts to him as we are very open with each other. The last time I mentioned it, he said “Is it really that hard for you to do it a couple of nights?

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