Cyber sex mit chatbot

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Cyber sex mit chatbot

It used simple pattern-matching techniques to respond based on the entered text.

“That’s when we thought, What if we add a simple chatbot to each laptop, slide the computers together and let them speak to each other?Cleverbot has learned over time to mimic human conversation by communicating with millions of people online.You can converse with the chatbot by simply typing a sentence in the chat field.This type of chatbot lacks of adaptability and analytics capabilities of a human being to well understand a person’s expectations and intentions.A rule-based chatbot will never be able to compete with his AI cousin. We are seeing the first in the market from the really big players: Alexa, Google home and Siri are fantastic examples.

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Cleverbot then uses an algorithm that selects previously entered phrases from its massive database of prior conversations and types back a response.

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