Cuck hubby does not go on dates la speed dating uk style

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Team Writer content may be written by one or more persons.All content should be considered to be for entertainment purposes only.But one day I realized that is the only way she would spend time with me and then I started hating the idea of doing this with her because I am done playing her rules and pretending like the only way I can make her happy is by doing just what she wants without ever considering what makes me happy .She never wants to try anything new or interesting together.I can only tell you that with my wife I found somebody who was there to smile at me and be nice to me so long as I had my family’s backing before getting married.I told her I want to wait for this reason alone because I didn’t want her to see hard times with me till I was done with my prof grad degree but she couldn’t wait and promised me all sorts of shit to get her way.I am not cheap and have mentioned ideas to go for a nice dinner or at a cafe but her ideas of spending time outside is me following her for 2 hrs at a fckn woman’s store at the mall or at one of her friends (not even a common friend b/w us) stupid parties and indoors her idea of fun is to watch tv together which I think is brainless and vapid activity and cant count as together time.Dont get me wrong, I didn’t feel that way before and I won’t say I don’t enjoy tv myself a little.

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She doesn’t cook for me, keeps the place dirty as fk and basically finds time to do anything she wants but never wants to consider I may need the friend she used to act like before we got married.

I have even helped her visit her family abroad and everytime her stupid gfs make plans to get together out of state I never said shit about how it might not be good idea to spend money traveling for such dumb reasons.

Of course I have brought up these issues with her but she completely stonewalls me and is passive aggressive.

She lies to other people and says fake shit that is unbelievable bullshit to me and sometimes I feel like I couldn’t ever respect someone like and would never willingly have married her knowing this about her that but lately she has even tried to lie to me about petty shit which she knows Im going to find out about anyway and basically must think I’m the biggest sucker in her life.

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