Consolidating oracle linux system z Chat with kannada girl

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Consolidating oracle linux system z

To determine the required parameter value, divide the SGA size for the instance by the size of a large page, then round up the result to the nearest integer.To determine the default large page size, run the following command: Without Huge Pages, the operating system keeps each 4 KB of memory as a page.

Huge Pages is useful for both 32-bit and 64-bit configurations.

By default, the Cgroups, or control groups, improve database performance by associating a dedicated set of CPUs to a database instance.

Each database instance can only use the resources in its cgroup.

System z environments share resources and direct them, according to user-defined policies, virtually and dynamically whenever and wherever they are needed.

A highly efficient and security-rich network called IBM Hiper Sockets™ is built into System z servers, providing additional security and requiring less external networking hardware and software.

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Oracle Grid Infrastructure starts up before Oracle Databases installed on the cluster.