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College students dating sites in uk

Despite having hardship funds in place, few students (just 17%) can squeeze cash from their uni in times of need.Here's also where see a small rise in the number of students - of all genders - who turn to adult work like webcamming, sugar dating, fetish requests and sex to cover their costs.The less brilliant news is that amounts vary massively, so some of you still have just a hundred quid to fall back on by the end of the academic year (just when you need money for summer, and less Student Loan to pay for it! Interestingly, we didn't find many tech-savvy savers: 91% of you DON'T use apps to track or boost your savings, with lots of you saying you just haven't heard about them.When you live on very little, even small set-backs can cause big problems.Short of magic money trees and Lotto wins, we wanted to know where students find the money for everyday living costs. Parents are likely to be feeling the pinch around now, with 71% of students relying on money from their folks to make ends meet (up from 69% in 2016).

Finding extra cash to put aside is a tough ask for many students: 40% of you have less than £100 in savings ... The good news: well over a third of you (39%) have up to £2,500 stuffed into savings.

In fact, if you take a look at the gauge above, you’ll see the average monthly maintenance instalment can be as much as £221 short of what students need to live on (full stats here).

Which begs the question: where does the government think students magic the extra cash from?

Some of what we uncovered is worrying, and some is ripe for government intervention - but the rest is testament to how students persevere when the odds are against them.

To anyone who’s ever been frustrated by unfair stereotypes about students, these stats are for you: read ‘em, share ‘em, and – most of all – use ‘em to kick-start an action plan. Almost all of you (84%) say you worry about having enough to live on (that's up from 80% in 2016).

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Lack of cash even affects how well you eat, and whether or not you can stay on top of your studies.

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