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Dita said in an interview: "I wasn't supportive of his partying or his relationship with another girl.

Oh God, I worry about everything, such as I'm gonna say something stupid.

She has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do Has kept in touch with most of her "Once and Again" (1999) castmates: Mischa Barton, Julia Whelan, and Shane West. Featured in the Miu Miu ad campaign, alongside Selma Blair and Lou Doillon.

Sings two songs on the "School's Out" Christmas album (Christmas Isn't Christmas, and Silver and Gold)Niece of Carol Winstead Wood. Is actually older than Brady Corbet, who played her older brother in Thirteen (2003). In 2003, Vogue Magazine named her one of the "It Girls of Hollywood."Met her now ex-boyfriend, Jamie Bell, when they were filming Green Day's music video for "Wake Me Up When September Ends", where they actually play a couple. Is close with the cast of Thirteen (2003) and still remains in touch with them. Wood says that her character in Across the Universe (2007), whom she describes as an "old soul, street smart and ahead of her time", is close to her real-life personality. Became the highest paid actress in music video history for her appearance in boyfriend Marilyn Manson's video for "Heart-Shaped Glasses".

Dita claimed that they split because Peter had cheated on her with a famous supermodel (who she refused to name).2001 - January 2007Dita von Teese dated Marilyn Manson.

Manson had been a longtime fan of her and they finally met in 2001.

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Was originally set to play Terri in Raise Your Voice (2004), but dropped out due to production changes. Wood also describes herself as being "laid back" and "not a party girl", citing her choice to stay away from what is considered a typical Hollywood lifestyle. Was ranked #7 on Entertainment Weekly's '30 Under 30' the actress list. Hates her middle name, Rachel, but kept it in her stage name so casting directors wouldn't confuse her gender.