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But more importantly, it also gave me an insight into yet more confirmation of the 3-date rule though. I'm actually thinking to start my own thread, would that be against the rules? I had very good expensive wines that day, so we drank and drank; but the LMR was huge, again.When discussing the fact post-sex, she confessed: "If I told my friends that I had sex on the first date, they would despise me. I have to head out, I'm meeting the park 9 from my previous trip, for those who remember. A small anecdote about the 3 dates rule for the time I was living in Piter: I met a young girl thru "metro game", no just kidding, I was using the metro for legit reason, but more or less by accident I asked a lady, a solid 8, almost 9, something and then we started to talk, I even missed my station just to prolong the chat, so we got out together, I could not escalate as I was busy that day and I still had to go back 2 stations. But I understood that she was trying to provoke me because she allowed touching and kissing , and even fingering, well a jeans fingering, because she refused to remover her cloths.It was always a great indicator that they were DTF, specially if I have a bidet and I hear it working (bidets are very common in Spain).But I don't think they were shaving, just cleaning up specially if we had a long date in a hot day walking around a lot.The learning journey at Selkirk College hinges on dedicated instructors who inspire students to advance their lives through education.The Selkirk College Faculty Association Standing Committee on Professional Excellence (SCOPE) is pleased to honour Muditha Heenkenda, Doug Henderson and Allyson Perrott as recipients of its 2017/2018 awards.Add me to the never seen a hairy Russian list, generally they apologise if it's not freshly shaven even, to be fair outside of some regional areas in Asia I can't remember the last time I did see a hairy vagina though.Usually she insinuate that both should take a shower, but I sometimes explain that I took the shower before the meeting, so no need for that again* (which is true), so I just giver the clean palatenza.

The Food: There are some foreign restaurants in Volgograd, mostly Italian and some German, I used to like the food and beer at Bamber on Ulitsa Sovetskaya, 20, near the embarkment, or the pizza in Rimini on Ulitsa Gagarina, 9, near the planetarium, saying so, there were not many foreign food options in the city, perhaps now the situation has changed (I left this city almost three years ago).

Volgograd is not a beautiful city, most of it is made of Communist blocks built right after the battle of Stalingrad and during the 50’s, 60’s etc.

The weather: It’s Russia so in winter it’s going to be freezing cold, plenty of ice and snow.

The City: First named Tsaritsyn, then Stalingrad after the USSR’s Prime Minister and then Volgograd after WWII. Volgograd is in south west Russia and has a population of around one million people, the city is quite long and it’s parallel to the river Volga.

Volgograd, being quite near for Russian standards to the Caucasus, has a pretty large community of people originally from Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Chechnya, Abkhazia etc.

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Does make the "lets have a shower" tactic a lot stronger to use as well (I find that to be one of the best LMR breakers in general) while simultaneously increasing chances of sex and BJ as she knows you're clean.

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