Celebrity look alike dating show

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Which owns Knut’s father, upton starred with Tony Hale in Lady Antebellum’s music video “Bartender”.She appeared with Cameron Diaz, sparking Internet frenzy amid reports of massive celebrity, kate Upton is milking cows for Complex”.

A swelling of the brain likely triggered by an infection.Needless to say, other dating apps aren't super thrilled about this process, Buzz Feed reports.A Tinder spokesperson told Buzz Feed that they have "contacted the developer to inform them that the app is violating our terms, and we have been told that they will address the issue."In response to that, the app's founder, Heath Ahrens, told the news source, "We've been having a very productive conversation with them."He also seems pretty chill when it comes to the fact that a rep from Plenty Of Fish is reportedly making moves to have Dating AI, which has 15,000 users already, removed from the i Tunes App store.PHOTOS: Prince Harry's hottest moments According to Deadline, the show manages to dupe the women into believing that Prince Harry lookalike Matthew Hicks is the actual prince.Hicks is given the, ahem, royal treatment, receiving an intensive makeover to properly confuse the ladies.

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Presumably, you could even match with an actual celebrity, if they're on the platform.

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