Bothering or intimidating weaker people melayu tua bogel

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Bothering or intimidating weaker people

STR: 18 (16 2) DEX: 12 CON: 14 INT: 10 WIS: 8 CHA: 14 I'm planning on taking the following cruelties: Sickened, Diseased, Cursed, and Stunned.Since I want to focus on Intimidation I don't want the shaken, frightened ones since I plan on building in a way to do that already. The idea of the servant seems cool, but in general I think its weak.I will be taking one Trait from the player's guide for Hell's Vengeance (not decided) and Magical Knack.The Hell's Vengeance trait is non-negotiable as far as having one of them, but I don't know which yet.We will be using automatic bonus progression and background skill system, though I don't think that's particularly relevant for character development.The character is going to a human Chelaxian (for obvious reasons) and is going to be a member of a noble house who became a militant practitioner of Asmodeus who serves House Thrune.At this point, the cruel weapon kicks in and Sickens the enemy when they are hit. That can be done as only a standard and swift action, meaning I can move to the enemy to do it.

not to mention a free 1 to all saves (and AC and attack rolls vs big good guys) AND another 1 to your intimidate/bluff DCs spells/day etc.Since Antipaladins can channel energy, is there a good variant channel that would be worth it to take as a worshiper of Asmodeus?Is it worth even bothering with since I plan on using Touch of Corruption with a conductive weapon?if you keep the two handed weapon (or, Devastator) you still do 5 damage imo its worth losing the 1/ 1.(even more so since, later one, one extra use of To C will = several D6 worth of damage more and debuffs) OP, I just started playing HV, also with a Chelaxian noble Antipaladin Tyrant focusing on intimidation, though I'm also using the Dread Vanguard archetype too.

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Skill wise I plan to max Knowledge Nobility and Profession Barrister (a soldier and a bureaucratic lawyer of Hell) thanks to background skills.

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