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Bed courtship dating

I got the surprise of the evening when I saw his little cock!

For a man over six feet tall and weighing over two hundred pounds, his tiny cock is hardly five inches long and little more than one inch in diameter when erect – a baby pecker and hardly enough to satisfy a woman!

I thought you might enjoy a few suggestions on techniques that I have used to break his will and domesticate him.

On my first date with Markie, he was a bit awed to be going out with a beautiful and intelligent woman.

I did let him fuck me that first evening, and on a few subsequent dates.

Fortunately, he is a premature ejaculator, so I did not have to spend too much time riding his tiny pecker. On our first date, Markie did learn one new experience.

I encouraged him to bare his soul to me focusing on his submissive nature.

A wimp who is totally |independent, worships me and the very ground I walk on, and is also a very caring, loving “nanny” to my infant children.I was astounded, as I had conservatively bedded several hundred!I began to subtly reinforce his feelings of inferiority about having a tiny pecker.I must admit that I have always found the process of manipulating and humiliating another human being while exercising my own natural dominance both totally pleasurable and quite stimulating.I have transformed Markie into a completely submissive and dependent wussy while thoroughly enjoying myself.

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I grabbed Markie by his itty – bitty pecker, led him to the bed, sat down in front of him, spread my legs wide and told him I would like him to lick me.