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Aunties forsex site

Watching you admiring yourself turned me on so much!

I also noticed that you had damp panties, like you had recently accidentally wet yourself a little.

Softly, your fingers begin to brush the panty material covering my mound, damp from my previous ministrations. You of course now realise how much I love it, love your panties, love to play in them. Silently, you reach out and caress me again, rubbing and rubbing.

My pussy reacts, flaming its lips out in wanton desire, my orgasm builds with frightening speed. My orgasm hits with terrifying force and speed, and I am thrown back against the taps as my body is wracked with the utmost blissful ecstasy I have ever felt!

My stomach flip-flopped and my pussy jolted me with a thousand volts of hunger as I drew the panties snug, feeling the dampness on my pouting lips, feeling my own dampness drawn into the soft cotton to mingle with that already there. What an amazing feeling to slowly run my hands down then over my mound, exciting in the way my fingers curved under to cup my mons, middle finger instinctively beginning to stroke back to my clit. Time began to flow again, gaining strength and speed like the electrical surge within me.

Your perfume and scent were in the air, my young senses keyed to your being in a way I could never hope to achieve now.I was disappointed as I was still feeling worked up and didn't want to stop this wonderful tingling between my legs, didn't want you to go away.I wanted to watch your body react to your knowing hands, wanted to feel this naughty special feeling from watching something I knew I shouldn't, but ohhhhh so enjoyed the sight of!And the thought of what you do in them keeps me going for months after a sighting like that, imagining how you would pleasure yourself, or perhaps wet yourself.... One day when I know you have to be in town, I make my way to your place. Gently, you place a warm hand on my thigh and tell me you had wished I had told you about coming over today, as you liked my visits.You have told me I can come around any time I feel like. I open the door and go straight to your bedroom, where I know I will find your underwear in a drawer beside the bed. I shudder with my face in my hands, mortified and too shamed to look up, breath hitching.

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My head pulsed and my stomach clenched while my pussy just zinged as I scented your sex.

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