Are ed westwick and leighton meester dating in real life dos don39ts dating

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Are ed westwick and leighton meester dating in real life

L: (gets embarrassed and blushes) Ummm.....(nodding and smiling) I'd like that.... (pats Seb on the back) Now you can finally stop tip toeing around and get on with it! They arrive at the trailer park and are approached by crew members telling them where they need to go and what they need to do..say bye to each ther and then go to their own sites to get ready. Chace and Chuck invite the cast for a celebratory party at his and Ed's house just to celebrate the end of the season.

E: He's boring...has no sense of humour..share nothing in common with him....he'd bore you, believe me. S: (looks to Leighton) Actually.....i did kinda want

We can’t put it in writing, but we promise you can go,'" Lively recalls. I can’t see it.” After seeing her get into character, though, he recalls, “I just remember thinking, ‘That girl can act. "I auditioned and then I tested once and then we did a screen test with everybody. Lively and Meester were not best friends.“Blake and Leighton were not friends. I guess I hear that in fits and starts here and there, but it’s hard to say.

They were friendly, but they were not friends like Serena and Blair," Safran reveals, adding that everyone got along fine, but the two actresses had different personalities. She was documenting her life in photographs in a way that people were not yet doing.”10. I can’t speak for everyone else, but we all owe so much to this show, and I think that it would be silly not to acknowledge that.”Meanwhile, Meester says, “Yeah, I don’t really hear [talk of] that . If everyone was into it and if the timing was right, you know?

Thank you, though.’ Then they said, ‘OK, you can go to Columbia [University] one day a week. I got it.” RELATED: ' Gossip Girl' Celebrates 100 Episodes 5. As the show became a huge hit, the actor first enjoyed his time in the spotlight, then his opinion changed.

Here are 11 juicy details we learned from the article. You'll Never Guess Who Were Considered to Play Serena and Blair 1.

Blake Lively had quit acting before joining the show.

Sebastian Stan, who guest appeared a couple of episodes ago, has been keeping in touch with a few of the cast, particularly Leighton, who the other cast members believe he has a thing for.

Blake and Penn are dating, they have only been together almost a month.

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Badgley didn't have the greatest experience being on the show, and many other actors felt the same way after a couple of years.“Penn didn’t like being on , but . And no matter what we did, they were never going be happy.