Alibata at dating abakada

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Alibata at dating abakada

Subalit hindi puwede ito sa baybayin dahil may kaibahan ang baybayin sa mga alpabeto.

Ang baybayin ay isang papantig, o syllabic na paraan ng pagsulat.

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Young people wanted these new material goods (and illusion of power) that the Spanish brought in. Money comes from jobs and jobs come from knowledge.

Know how to read and write using the new writing system? Pretty soon it will be “You need to know Chinese” to get this job or you probably will not make as much money as the next person who does.

The “F” was dropped due to it rolling off the tongue better as Alibata rather than Alifbata.

indi mahirap ang sumulat ng baybayin ngunit may kahirapan ang pagbasa nito.

With the double-edged sword of knowledge preservation and cultural eradication, they helped keep the script alive by putting it in books and sending them abroad for safe keeping.

The very first book printed (up for debate) in the Philippines contained Baybayin.

Sa ating modernong alpabeto, ang bawat titik ay isang payak na tunog o phoneme na maaaring isang patinig (vowel) o isang katinig (consonant).

Pinagsasama natin ang mga ito upang mabuo ang mga pantig (syllables).

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The first characters in the Arabic alphabet are ALIF-BA-TA.