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Being a short 5 minute show obviously limits how much character development and relationship building we can get but they actually did make good use of the time they were limited to and managed to make some semblance of relationship progress with Nano’s feelings building up as time went on.The feelings both of the character’s had for each other had a more mutual feeling to them as we saw both character’s were happy to be with each other and we did see this demonstrated in the show.For a show like this having no sex in the final episode after it occurred multiple times throughout the story seems very strange especially when you consider once sex has occurred anything else seems tame in comparison.It’s not like they ran out of time either since there have been previous episodes with more extra time allocated to it in the r18 version so they definitely had room to add one in if they wanted.Despite the missed potential to go all out on sex service for the final episode this show is still much better than the other r18 shows we have had so far in every other aspect.Kuga and Nano made for much more interesting characters than Kujo and Mio or Ryou or Shizuka.

Service wise though for the last episode it was kind of a letdown when you consider what previous episodes offered.

Kuga asks her if she will finally accept him marrying her and can think of each other as fiancees.

She agrees to marrying him and they both vow to make each other happy.

The story was also handled much better as it showed Kuga and Nano interact together more than the other couples we saw in the other two and made them having feelings for each other believable.

More importantly the romance aspect of Omiai was much better done and felt more genuine than what we got in Souryo or Skirt.

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Kuga wakes up after the previous episode and sees that everything that happened is real and that Nano did admit her feelings to him earlier.