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Adult friends for sex in kerala

She was shocked to see that there was no door for it! He got a nice view of her soft rounded as when she urinated. We all continued kissing and caressings with our wives…Suddenly Suresh grabbed my wife and let kavitha to me. It was a new sensation because we are making love to different ladies. Wow I got an erection when I saw her nude ass crack! I told her and next is your turn to urinate and Suresh is waiting to see ur ass! When kavitha returned I told Rani to go to bath room and told suresh to watch. I grabbed my wife rani and kissed her lips slowly, by this time Suresh kissed kavitha…Four of us are excited.. Indian sex stories have erotic indian stories and hindi and tamil sex stories from our surfers. Erotic Indian sex stories can be in Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam or english.

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From Suresh’s gestures I realized that he has something to tell me…I asked him whats to tell me.. I am surprised…that was the thing I wanted to tell him about his wife. Anyway as they are 50% agreed, we can lead them to 100% willingness. To our surprise, both of their asses hit at our hardened dicks!

Suresh, I am also not sure about rani that she will agree in swapping. Its ok Suresh, here also Rani like soft funs, but she is also shy like your wife. At this time I was staring at Kavitha’s rounded soft ass, which is swaying as she walked. They both were walking into the both accompanied then with hardened dicks1Suddenly a heavy tide came and they both moved back forcefully!

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Kavitha entered into the bath room and raised her saree upto waist and pulled down the blue panty and sat down . Suresh asked rani whether she can join or not.told she like to join.

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